Kim Kyung-uk and Jung I-Hyeon Give Book Readings in America
   LTI Korea organized a literary event featuring authors Kim Kyung-uk and Jung I-Hyeon at the University of california, San Diego (UCSD) on Thursday, 6 November. The two authors interacted with students who are studying Korean literature at UCSD and read excerpts from their novels Kingdom of a Thousand Years and The Girl Who Never Smiled. Lee Jin-gyeong, professor of Korean literature at UCSD moderated the event, which was attended by around 40 people. The authors shared their candid opinions about the rewards and pains of writing in response to the students' questions about their creative processes. ▲ Kim Kyung-uk and Jeong I-Hyeon interacting with the audience ▲ The authors and LTI Korea president Kim Seong-kon    The authors held another book reading on 8 November at the Los Angeles Korean Cultural Center. It was attended by around 60 overseas Koreans, including writers and other literary artists who are active locally. Moon In-gwi, Chairman of the Korean Literary Society of America moderated the event. The two authors spoke of their impressions of the latest translations of their works and their expectations from their future publications in English. Kim Kyung-uk narrated several interesting incidents from his interaction wigh translators in the past. He said that it was impossible for a translation to be an exact copy of the original. But the translator's creativity could make it possible to recreate the original work's meaning and intent within the cultural context of the target language. Jeong I-Hyeon said she believed there was a communication that was possible only between an author and a reader. And that she was eagerly looking forward to interacting with more readers without being bound by nationality or language. ▲ Author Jeong I-Hyeon ▲ Author Kim Kyung-uk ▲ Kim Kyung-uk reading from Kingdom of a Thousand Years ▲ Jeong I-Hyeon reading from The Girl Who Never Smiled    This event was organized as part of the LTI Korea forums held annually in literary hubs across the world. The works of the two authors who are enjoying great success domestically were successfully introduced to the American reading public through this event, thereby aiding LTI Korea's efforts to increase Korean literature's foothold on the global stage.
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  • ▲ Kim Kyung-uk and Jung I-Hyeon Give Book Readings in America
[Translation Academy] Trip to South Gyeongsang and North Jeolla Provinces
   The students from the Translation Academy's Regular Course went on a 3 days and 2 nights trip to Hadong and Tongyeong in Gyeongsangnam-do and Namwon in Jeollabuk-do from 7 to 9 November.    The trip proved to be an extension of the classroom. Prof. Ryu Bo-seon, who teaches the "Understanding Korean Literature" class, accompanied the students on the trip and helped deepen their understanding of Korean literature. ▲ At the Chunhyang Theme Park, Namwon    The students first travelled to the Chunhyang Theme Park in Namwon, built on the theme of the classic Korean story Chunhyangjeon.    Next, they visited Gwanghalluwon Garden where they reveled in the beauty of the Gwanghallu Pavilion, crossed the Ojakgyo Bridge that represents the bridge where the star-crossed lovers Gyeonu and Jiknyeo reunite, rounded the Wanwoljeong Pavilion and finally reached the experience hall. Trying to put themselves in Chunhyang’s shoes, the students tried out the wooden board with which her neck was shackled and the swings that she rode.     ▲ (In clockwise direction) Gwanghalluwon Garden, Ojakgyo Bridge, Yeongjugak pavilion, Chunhyang’s swing and wooden neck shackles     The next stop was Ssanggyesa in Hadong, Gyeongsangnam province. It is an ancient temple said to have been built about 1200 years ago and is famous as the place where tea was first planted in Korea. Since it was not spring, the students could not walk down the Simni (10ri) Cherry Blossom Road that stretches from Hwagae Market till Ssanggyesa, but they could revel in the beautiful scenery, with steep mountain slopes to the right and a river and green tea fields to the left. ▲ In front of Choe Champandaek (House of Choe Champan)     On the second day, the students visited the house of Choe Champan. This place served as the setting of the late Park Kyung-ni’s epic saga, The Land. Here, the students could experience the life of the Korean people during the late Joseon period. After visiting the Pyeongsari Literature Center, the students explored Choe Champan’s house as they listened to the guide’s explanation. Gazing out at the wide fields of Pyeongsa-ri, the students were reminded of Prof. Ryu Bo-seon’s lecture in which he said that the history of the ordeals and hopes of the Korean people were embedded in Park Kyung-ni’s The Land. After having lunch and tasting the Daebong persimmons freshly harvested from the fields of Pyeongsa-ri, the students departed for Tongyeong.     Tongyeong, which “embraces the blue sea and tiny islands,” was also Park Kyung-ni’s birthplace. The students listened to the guide’s explanation and learned about the life and works of the great writer. They visited the Park Kyung-ni memorial park and gazed at the beautiful Aegean Sea visible in the distance. Reflecting the author’s dislike of flash and pomp, her tomb was equally simple and neat. A memorial poem penned by a high school student and placed at the tomb moved everybody’s hearts. ▲ Park Kyung-ni memorial park, Tongyeong     Next, the students visited Tongyeong’s Gangguan Port, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful ports in Korea. After strolling around the port, the students feasted on the specialties of Tongyeong: honey bread and Chungmu kimbap. ▲ In front of the Cheongma Literature Hall, Tongyeong    The weather on the morning of the last day was clear and sunny, almost making everyone wonder if they had imagined the last night’s rain. The students visited the Cheongma Literature Hall where they learned about the life of poet Yu Chi-hwan (pen name: Cheongma). They then made a final stop at the house where the poet was born and also reveled in the scenery of the Tongyeong port before boarding the bus back to Seoul.     This literature tour served as an opportunity for the students to learn about the literary backgrounds and experience the unique atmosphere embedded in Chunhyangjeon, Park Kyung-ni’s The Land and Yu Chi-hwan’s poem “Flag,” works they had studied as part of the “Understanding Korean Literature” class.
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Literary Event Held in Jilin, China by LTI Korea
   LTI Korea organized a literary event in Jilin, China from 30 October to 3 November. Authors Song Suk-je, Kim Yeonsu and Cho Young-ah attended this event, which included an award ceremony for the annual book report contest as well as a seminar. The three authors first interacted with the Chinese readers through a Q&A session arranged by the Julin Publishing Group.   ▲ Q&A co-hosted by Jilin Publishing ▲ Translation seminar at Jilin University    The next day, the authors attended a seminar organized at Jilin University on the theme: “Teaching and Translating Korean Literature into Chinese.” Prof. Kim Kyung-seon of Beijing Foreign Studies University, Prof. Won Young-hyuk of Dalian University of Foreign Languages, Prof. Seo Ryeo-myung of Nanjing University, Prof. Shim Seung-cheol of Tourism College of Changchun University, Prof. Jeon Hwa-min of Yanbian University and Prof. Wang Yeom-ryeo of Jilin University presented papers at the seminar. The university students were all ears as they took part in the seminar enthusiastically. ▲ Banners advertising the translation seminar and book report contest.    The prize distribution ceremony for the annual book report contest was held at Jilin University on the last day. Nine people emerged victorious after facing fierce competition. The winners were as follows: ▲ Book report contest award ceremony                   Prof. Kwon Hyeok-ryul from the University’s Korean Language Department presided over the second event which included author interviews, book readings and author-student interaction. The young students lined up in front of the authors with hearts aflutter to get their books signed and have a picture taken together with the authors. Their innocent affection for Korean literature was palpable. ▲ Authors signing books for the students      LTI Korea organizes an event to promote Sino-Korean literary exchanges at least once a year. The numerous events that have been held all through these years have helped narrow the literary gap between the two nations as well as deepen the Chinese readers’ interest in Korean literature.   ▲ Group photograph taken with Jilin University students
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  • ▲ Literary Event Held in Jilin, China by LTI Korea

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