2016 Seoul International Writers' Festival
LTI Korea held the Seoul International Writers' Festival (SIWF), in its 6th year now, from September 25 through October 1, 2016. The festival’s theme this year was “The Forgotten and the Unforgettable.” Fourteen Korean and fourteen foreign writers were invited to the festival, which was held at Daehangno in Seoul.   - Group photograph of the invited writers   The festival kicked off with an opening ceremony held at the Arko Art Center at 11 am on September 26. The 28 writers introduced themselves briefly, spoke about what they were looking forward to in the festival, and read aloud a sentence each that they had written in their own languages about the festival’s theme.   - The writers out on cultural excursions (Top: Huwon or Secret Garden at Changdeokgung Palace; Bottom: Jingwansa Temple)   The writers also visited Changdeokgung Palace on September 25 and stayed overnight at the Jingwansa Temple on September 28.   For the festival, one Korean and one foreign writer were paired up. “Free Talks” sessions, in which the paired writers discussed their works with each other in front of an audience, were held for four days from September 26 to 30 at Space Feelux in Daehangno.     - Jeong You Jeong & Santiago Gamboa   - Cheon Myeong-kwan & David Vann   - Bae Suah & Werner Fritsch   There were also “Performance & Reading” sessions in which the writers read excerpts from their stories included in the festival anthology. Some writer even exchanged their texts and read from each other’s stories. To add to this, a Q&A session was also arranged in which the audience members could ask questions to the writers.     - Santiago Gamboa’s Reading & Performance session   - Linda Maria Baros’s Reading & Performance session   - Jeong You Jeong & Cheon Myeong-kwan’s Reading & Performance session   The performances based on the writers’ texts, including plays, dance, songs, and magic, were held for five days from September 26 to 30.     - A play being held as part of the Reading & Performance session   Moving beyond simple booking readings, the “Reading & Performance” sessions are the standout feature of the SIWF that differentiate it from other literary festivals by blending of a variety of performance genres that stimulate the five senses and make the text come alive for the audience.     - Group photograph after the farewell dinner   The 2016 SIWF came to a close with a farewell dinner for the writers hosted by LTI Korea. The SIWF will keep growing bigger and better as a major international literary festival held in Korea, thus helping in the flow of exchanges between Korean and foreign writers.    
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LTI Korea Attends the 2016 TIBF
LTI Korea participated in the 2016 Tokyo International Book Fair (TIBF), held from September 23 to 25, and held events in Tokyo and Fukuoka. LTI Korea took writers Kim Insuk and Cheon Un-yeong to Japan this year. Cheon saw the Japanese translation of her novel Ginger released early this year by Shinkansha (新幹社) publishers, while the Japanese translation Kim’s short story collection “Hi, Elena,” which won her the 41st Dong-in Literary Award, was published by Shosikankanbou (書肆侃侃房) publishers.     - Lecture at Fukuoka Women’s University “Women Writers of Japan and Korea Today”   On September 22, the two writers held a discussion with Japanese poet and writer Naoko Higashi (東直子) on the topic “Women Writers of Japan and Korea Today” at the ACROS Fukuoka building.     - Book signing   On September 25, the writers spoke with Korean-Japanese writer Nobuko Kyo (Kang Shinja) on the topic “The Pleasure of Reading Korean Novels” at the event hall of the TIBF.   - Event at the TIBF   - Meeting with readers at Book Street, a book café specializing in Korean books   The TIBF is the biggest international book fair held in Japan, the world’s second biggest publishing market. This year the fair transitioned into more reader-centric event and received over forty thousand visitors. LTI Korea displayed around fifty books funded by it and held meetings with Japanese publishers.   - The LTI Korea booth      
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신간안내 한국문학번역원 신간안내 소식입니다

Someone Always in the Corner of My Eye

[English]Someone Always in the Corner of My Eye
Author Bo-Seon Shim Translator Daniel Parker
Original Title  눈 앞에 없는 사람
Publisher White Pine Press

Korean Books